Thank you for the outpouring of support after last week’s post. It was a rough few days with all the anxiety that we were all feeling (for the record, we’ve been very honest with the girls about all of the good and the bad going on). Surprisingly, for us at least, I have some good news to share!

On Tuesday I finally heard from the gentleman who was supposed to have spoken with me about being denied and why. We were denied by the local Area Agency on Aging (AAoA) for their family paid caregiver program because Keith is too young (for ages 60+). Which we knew and why filed paperwork for the state waiver program. From what I’m putting together the AAoA denying us for their program is part of the process. Since I knew we weren’t going to qualify locally so we never expected to hear from them. And surprise, he told me to call the state’s waiver program because they were the ones we had to go through.

I called to check in with them and found out that they had just received all of the paperwork that they needed and it was all being sent through for review. The very nice person on the phone that we were qualified and were approved for the program! I was told that we’d hear back in 5-7 business days to schedule the second home visit. All said and done, we were feeling a little better about things and settled in to wait for the call.

StoneKidToday, just 2 days after I spoke with them, we heard back from the Waiver Program. They wanted to schedule Keith’s 2nd home visit! I was never expecting to hear back from them so soon. So major mark in the good column!

On the downside, the earliest visit we could get was May 22nd. I’m ready to go next week, but we’ll take what we can get. I suppose we can patient a little while longer. The program remains a bit of an enigma to me but I’ll post about it when I finally figure it out.

To recap….we may still end-up in southward heading handbasket, but the trip has been delayed.