cat-silhouette-cartoon-cats-bad-luck-halloweenRemember that old TV show, Hee Haw? Every episode they had some sad sack characters singing about if it weren’t for bad luck they would have no luck at all — gloom, disappear, and agony on them. It was supposed to be funny. I guess it was. Unless your life starts to resemble the song.

In the last 48 hours, Keith’s disability check didn’t come (twice). The paperwork to start the process to make me his paid caregiver didn’t arrive where it needed to be. I started an application for him, was told by the social worker that his paperwork had in fact been received and that it actually had to go somewhere else and contact had been made with the people I had just done the application with and they should have already had his information. Oh, and we ran out of heating oil. Again. Since we didn’t get his check in the mail today we had to borrow money from someone to buy oil, but they can’t get the oil here until tomorrow.

If it weren’t for bad luck….

These are the days that I get frustrated. I try to plan for things and try to time things so that we don’t go without. I fill out documents and applications and check them over repeatedly before I file them. I do everything I’m supposed to do and still, things go wrong.

The only common denominator in all of these things is us. More specifically, me. I’ve talked to the social worker who helps us file the paperwork and asked what I’m doing wrong. Obviously, I’m doing something wrong if nothing happens the way it’s supposed to over and over again. Theoretically, someone doing all the paperwork and filling out all the paperwork that I do will have a problem at some point with one of the agencies. But not all of them. Every freaking time.

And, okay, I know that a lot of this is out of my hands. I can’t control when the mail is going to deliver his check. I can’t control that the person down at social services changes the date for a meeting, doesn’t tell me, and is then out of the office for two weeks. I have nothing to do with the local Social Security office “loosing” Keith’s paperwork or not hitting the freaking send button to push his disability paperwork through to the next step. I know this. I mean I understand that there are beyond my control. But still, I have to wonder.

I keep hearing from people that things like this never happen. Or that it can be difficult to navigate some of these things, but not like this. So riddle me this….how did we get so lucky.

If it weren’t for bad luck…