Today, March 9th is World Kidney DaySmall-WKD-Logo-colour! We’ve joked about if this means that we need to eat kidney beans or something, but it’s actually a day to make people more aware of the importance of our kidneys. After all, we all kind of take for granted that they’re in there, doing their job and not worrying too much about them. Trust me, you’ll miss them when they’re not working.

If you have diabetes (which Keith does), if you have high blood pressure (which Keith does), if you have any number of autoimmune disorders, you are at risk for kidney disease. Screenings are pretty easy – you usually start with giving a sample or simple blood tests and get more complicated if an issue is found.

Not taking your meds, not visiting your doctor, and not eating right will NOT prevent kidney disease. It won’t make it go away. It makes it get worse. Ask us how we know (and please keep in mind that we’re on this kidney failure odyssey because of a large man who really loves potato chips).

On behalf of all of us, please get screened if you’re at risk. Take your meds. See your doctor. Eat right and do all the things they tell you to do and you don’t feel like doing. Maybe it won’t prevent it damage to your kidneys all together, but it will slow down the process. It will give you and your doctors a chance to take the steps necessary to prevent kidney failure. Meds and medical tests and eating vegetables are not sexy. But then again, neither is dialysis.