We got some great news today – Kayleigh has been chosen for the 1st All-Star Band for the 47th Annual Ken Lantzy All-Star Football Game! For those not from the Johnstown, PA area, the Ken Lantzy Game is a huge deal. The best of best football players on and off the field play in this annual event which started to help raise funds for a high school football player, Ken Lantzy, who was injured during a game and would spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair. Today, being chosen to play in the game is a huge honor for high school students.

KayleighKLCertThis is the first year that the game will have an All-Star band made up of performers from the same schools playing in the game. Being chosen to perform in any All-Star or Honor Band is a big deal but in Johnstown, anything tied to the Ken Lantzy games makes it just that much more special.

Kayleigh has been part of various bands and band related activities since 5th grade. She’s worked hard and practiced a lot of hours over the years. Since we’ve only been in this school district for a couple of years, we don’t have a lot of history with the school, which makes being chosen for this honor that much more special.

This will be Kayleigh’s last time as part of a marching band because the college she’ll be attending in the fall doesn’t have one. Senior Night last fall was hard for her knowing she wasn’t going to be marching again. I think she may be most excited about having one more opportunity to take the field and perform. It’ll be a bittersweet experience, but she’s really excited about it.

There are some really great opportunities for the girls to perform with their schools as part of special concerts both at the school and the neighboring college. There’s a concert with the Clarks Trio. There’s a performance with the Sun King Warriors. There’s a chance to perform with Broadway Stars. Lots of exciting things are coming up in the weeks ahead. Keith and I will be missing most of them because tickets for performances are not in the budget – but if you go and get pictures we’d love to see them.

KLLogoFor those who want to know more, the Ken Lantzy Game will be June 16th in Johnstown, PA. If you’d like tickets or more information you can let us know. We don’t have a lot of information yet, but we’ll do what we can to get back to you.

Congratulations Kayleigh!!