Sun coming out from under the clouds.
The sun came out again.

The last week has been a real rollercoaster for us. I couldn’t pay some of the bills. Our phone/Internet was turned off. Then we ran out of heating oil late Thursday night. With Keith’s long-term disability not coming for a week, things looked kind of hopeless. Or at least it felt that way. But that’s when our angels came through.

Just after the oil ran out the first of the angels made a donation to our GoFundMe account. Within a few hours, others had joined them. And then more. And more. Before the day was over these amazing individuals gifted us just over $1000. And we were overwhelmed.

I was speechless, and anyone who knows me knows how difficult that is to do. Not only did we get offers of money, we got words that people were sending gift cards, we were offered fresh eggs, and we got so many messages of support. It was amazing.

I can’t even begin to thank you all for your support. Thanks to you we have heating oil. The phone and the internet are on. We’ll be able to pay for health insurance and medication. Combined with Keith’s disability check we’ll be able to make a car payment and put gas in the car (we’ve just about tapped out the girls’ Christmas and birthday money paying for gas). We’ll be able to pay our rent and other bills. It doesn’t solve our problems, but it will help us to sleep much easier for a few days.

There are no words to thank you for what people have done for us. I hope to post a video on GoFundMe in the next few days too. But for now, please know that we are grateful for the help. We will find a way to pay it forward, either through monetary or other kinds of support. Until then…

Thank you: Robbie, Deana, Wayne, Jennifer, Erin Amy, Erenn, Jennifer, Lea, Jen, Nancy, Kevin Jenn, Stacey, April, Katie, John & Margi, Chris, Jan, Ron, and all of those who helped spread the word, sent words of encouragement and prayers. A special thank you to Nina, Linda, Carol and Aimee for not only their generosity but for all of their love and support. I probably would have lost my mind by now without you.

For anyone wondering what else they can do, you can start with subscribing and reading this blog. With enough readers we’ll be able to get advertisers and make some money from it – it won’t be much, but it’s something. In the next few days, I’ll be posting information about another opportunity to recommend your favorite businesses with a website I’ve worked with who has offered to give us referral bonuses for your recommendations. I have phone calls coming this week that will hopefully get us a little help. And, look for a post about my becoming Keith’s paid caregiver, something we’re working towards as a long-term solution.

But for now, we are humbled and touched by the support everyone has shown us. Sometimes when you fight and fight and fight, you start to forget that you’ve got people in your corner. Thank you for reminding us that we are not alone and that we will get past this bump in the road.

God Bless.