pay-phone-1489568_1920Last week I told you about the paperwork purgatory we’ve been caught in while trying to get Keith’s Medicare in place. You’ll probably remember that we submitted paperwork in November, and after phone calls to three different places we were told that his paperwork had “lost” and we would basically going to have to start over. After multiple phone calls with our rep I was told there was no way to know how long it was going to take to get approval.

A week and a couple of days after that phone call we got the letter saying he has been approved for Medicare! I honestly thought I was going to have to start the whole process again. It also makes me wonder because she asked very few questions that would have been on the form that was sent in that they “lost.” And as far as I can tell they never requested more information from the doctor. Leading me to believe the paperwork was not as lost as it was “misplaced” and they had it there all along. But this is probably one of those things we’ll never know for sure.

So, something is looking up. We’re still waiting on the medical cards, so we can actually use it, but it is a start. From here we work on getting me made his caregiver. We’ll probably have to resend the paperwork for that, but at least we’ll get it moving. I like to call the process the Red Tape Tango.

Otherwise, things are about the same. My final unemployment check is caught up with some sort of issues, and I still haven’t been able to talk to an actual person. I was supposed to get a phone call to see about getting food stamps and other help, but the caseworker never called and all I’m getting are recordings asking me to call back. So, sort of a holding pattern there.

Several people asked if we had a GoFundMe page, so I set one up. Not that I expect anyone to give any money, but for those who’ve asked – you can find it here.

I guess when you look at things big picture, we may be starting to make our way out of purgatory, which is awesome. Based on the last year, I’m guessing we won’t be gone for long.