It probably goes without saying, we are not medical professionals. This blog is in no way a substitute for actual medical advice. We’re happy to answer questions about our experiences, but we cannot and will not answer questions regarding treatment for other people or make suggestions for treatment.

On a related note, we thank you in advance for all the free advice you’d like to give us on homeopathic┬áremedies, treatments, and whatever it is that your second cousins’ brother-in-law’s great aunt’s neighbor’s gardener’s sister did to magically restart her kidneys and now she’s completely healthy and living in a silent yoga retreat in the middle of a desert somewhere. Firstly, good for her! Second, she is not my husband. We have a great medical team, and it is a multidisciplinary team through his dialysis center. Thank you for your concern and your suggestions which you happily keep to yourself.

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